Punch: Quitting smoking and raising fish on the third day today is particularly upset



Punch: Quitting smoking and raising fish on the third day today is particularly upset

I want to consult everyone, can snails eat fish?Since putting a few snails in, I found that the traffic lights inside were one or two fewer per day. I was just caught by the murderer who was eating a traffic light. The activity of Ailongshi quietly ended. Although there was no winning, the mood was still beautiful.This event can be said to have been very successful. At least I did not see those complaints, which is enough to show everyones recognition of the event. Personally, I have always felt that every time I adjust my mentality, life is good every day. Congratulations to Long Shi, congratulations to President Xia, I wish you prosperity, let the rumor not break through.
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707882582 Comment: Persist
Can Lulu sf0F0 succeed?Please disassemble next time.
Blue Youruo convex Haoge Comment: Persevere
Tsunami i Comment: Persist in quitting smoking
Blue sky curtain convex brother comment:
Tians comment: The fish is sucked into the filter port, so the snail can hold it
Yu Linyi Comment: Old iron is powerful
I take the fleeting year comment: It is impossible for snails to catch fish, pay attention to the quality of the water andIs in good condition
Zhangzhou Peng Yuyan Comment: I am also quitting smoking and raising fish!
Ming少oο Comment: How do I quit smoking?Lets light a cigarette and think about it slowly.
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