arowana in brakish water

hi all, im not sure wether to post this in the arowana section, or the datnoides section, but since the concern is about my aro, so i decide to put this here。
recently obtained 2 tiger fishes, and they were very unstable, and hide in the dark corner of my tank。 asked my lfs,shedd aquarium and he recommend to put some salt into the tank to further stablilze it。
the fact is, that they were sharing the same tank with my juvenile xb。 i already put some salt in the tank, a reduced amount from what the lfs recommend。 it really works with my tigers, as they have stabilized better, but, does the salts have any effect to the juvenile aro? or i can put the recommended amount of salt without worries?
No worries about salt to arowana,Only catfish and other scale less fish react badly to salt。
It actually is good putting salt i always add it when my arowana is injured it speeds up growth(i have experimented on arowanas healing time with and without salt)
As it helps on osmoregulation。
>depends how much salt。
Datnoids do not neccesarily become stable with salt。
the stability of datnoids is subject to many myths too。
stability of these fish can be triggered by territorial behaviour,arowana in brakish water hunting sickness etc。

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