Cell help can survive on power arowanas?



Cell help can survive on power arowanas?

Six in the morning until 11 at night blackout!How to do!No spare oxygen!Arowana can survive on it?
Cell help can survive on power arowanas? Indonesian Tiger
======== Xianglong aquarium hobbyists how alliances comment =====
woaibjf aquarists say: buy a 20 a few dollars oxygen pump, with 10,000 mA charge treasure can top two days
Strawberry statement aquarists said: monoculture is not a problem, provided that the time to call
Friends of the Friends of the dragon fish, said: AC-DC oxygen pump must have ah
Long in the water ﹏ aquarists said: AC-DC pump prepare a bar
Lazy lazy fish hobbyists say: too long, if there is no water circulation pump can not, should nitrifying bacteria group off, the water quality will deteriorate, even if you let go of Bangang head open water, anti arowana is not easy live
Rabbit brother convex Haoge kick with a tablespoon, artificial aeration
Qq wandering fish lovers say: advance indigestion
Happy cow fish lovers say: with foot pump
Flying fish 001 fish lovers say: the most important gas,
Christophe aquarists said: Nouarists said: No Nouarists said: No
Wolf feeding fish king mission)
Wolf feeding fish king reward%
Which wolf feeds the fish?
The wolf king has two bait endings:
How to feed the fish in the wolf source palace%
King Wolf King Koi"
How to go to the feeder platform of the wolf source palace


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Prevent whitecloudy eyes tips..

RIP my fren :(

150 gal. All Glasasian arowana canadas A

Local Superworms?stingray alley




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