Great God help to see if my equipment is suitable for jumping into the lake



Great God help to see if my equipment is suitable for jumping into the lake

My one of the 80 finished product tanks used to be grass gold, because once I put the white strips and horse mouth (10 minutes in potassium permanganate soaked) in the reservoir.The army is annihilated!!!That regret!
Now the tank has been cleaned, sterilized with high manganese circulation for an hour, and dried!
Originally thinking about the whole grass tank, suddenly I saw Sanhus post when I went to the forum that day, and was immediately attracted by the value of Sanhu. I decided to jump into the lake, Because it is a novice to visit the forum for a month, ready to jump into the lake!
By the way, forget the picture above
The question I want to ask is: This 80-cylinder uses the same process as the bottom filter of the "snail" god (the third picture was reproduced from his post) And the filter barrel plus a fish separator can jump into the lake, mainly to consider whether the filter system I said can meet the requirements?
Please give guidance to the gods!!!
Thanks for sharing!!!
======== Xianglong Aquatic Alliance Fish Friends Comment =====
Yujun Tongle Comment: Yes, if there is not much fish, the problem is not big
Red Number EX Comment: I just wanted to add a separator in front of the bucket
Born to be stubborn Comments: same way + filter cartridgeI also do this, the filter cartridge needs to add a front, or clean up shit every day will make you collapse,
Its pure pleasure. Comment: good density control, no problem
Snail comment: feasible.Filter barrel power should be as large as possible
lmj820202 Comment: Adapt to local conditions, do not blindly imitate, the threshold of Sanhu is not so high.
cngogjivw Comment: Shop online, ceramsite sand.Still a straw tank is suitable
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