Fleeing naked Nanjing mistress jumps out

Fleeing naked Nanjing mistress jumps out of 2nd-floor window
Pics can be seen from the above link。
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Fleeing naked Nanjing mistress jumps out AROWANA Forum To escape an angry wife who had discovered her husbands affair, a still-naked mistress jumps from the hotel window where she was meeting with her lover。 (Internet Photo)
Upon hearing her husband was meeting with another woman at a nearby hotel in Nanjing, an angry wife rushed to catch them in the act on Sunday。
Hearing word of her imminent arrival and fearing the wrath of his enraged wife, the still-naked woman jumped from the hotel rooms second floor window and her lover hailed a taxi to take her away。 A video of the naked woman making her quick getaway is now being circulated on the internet in China。
The police received a report saying a woman had jumped out from a second floor window。 When they arrived on the scene,amazon arowana fish the police were met by the woman who first reported the incident, who was looking out from her second-floor window yelling for the officers to meet her。
Naked mistress runaway caught in photographs
>her acrobatics not bad lei。。。。。and shes DareDevil。Fleeing naked Nanjing mistress jumps out of 2nd-floor window

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