Fear of biting



Fear of biting

Fear of biting Indonesian Tiger
========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==
Blue sky curtain convex brother Yuyou said: Yes
Picture of the 30 cm half-red dragon/
More than 20 centimeters of red dragon and white tank breeding^
What about the half-red dragon"
Can a 60-width tank raise red dragons?&
Adult half-red dragon.
Is it necessary to raise a half-red dragon?)
Is the half-red dragon raised nice??
Can the half-dragon fish grow color after growing up?
No. half red dragon breeding,
Does the half-dragon fish have the value of keeping:


Black Baby Whale (Brienomyrus Brachystiu

coeurguppy gave birth

Came across this aro caught on rod!top 1

24k GBXB

Siam giant carp (national treasure)




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