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Clifford Wuxi <a href=Indonesian Tiger" title="Clifford Wuxi Indonesian Tiger" src="http://static3.yulinapp.com/2019/1011/15707242281601927.jpg
Accident tomorrow and do not know which is more faster.Please cherish the moment!Dongguan City, Guangdong Province
======== Xianglong aquarium hobbyists how alliances comment =====
Immediate aquarists say: tell the truth
m.youjizz aquarists said:
Hainan raise the red dragon mermaid lovers say: safe lifefe
Cgufo fish friend: I" a="" also="" together=""/>Caring and patient fish friend: it should be the problem of the filtration system
chengyi_ 3 Yuyou: first of all, I"m not an expert, just a little experience
Blissful fish friend: add a small hiding place
By previous
chengyi_ 3 Yuyou: if there is an obvious paragraph, it is suggested to trim it after anesthesia, and it will grow out by itself (the top heel and the bottom one of the tail are the key, and you can stay still)
Can the water purifier raise red arowana#
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tiger looking fishCome chit chat... Unti

showcase my 9 bowfin

Pure Blood RTG

My new catch - Blue Base Crossback

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