Orange Red Arowana Novice 4211 meters to seek help



Orange Red Arowana Novice 4211 meters to seek help

A novice, the cylinder is relatively large, please help glass, lacing, side filter problems!
1. Cylinder planning: 4*2*1.1m, master cylinder 3.2*2*1.1m, side leakage 0.8*2*1.1m, water level 0.95m.
2. Bottom glass (from bottom to top): 19 glass + bottom row of lacing + (19+19) laminated glass, equivalent to 3.4 layers of bottom glass, is it ok?
3. Will the four-sided glass 19+19 be glued, will the water level 95cm burst the cylinder?
4. The upper mouth drawstring, pasted at 10cm, 13cm wide and 19 thick, long (3.2 meters) 3 bars, wide (2 meters) 2 bars, in order not to affect the appearance of fish and feeding of broodstock, is the design of the word bar suitable for this?
4. Is the bottom row in the middle or on the side, which position is suitable?
5. Is it okay to make only one side leakage for such a large fish tank?Side leakage size 0.8*2*1.1m, divided into five silos, in order of sedimentation silo, brush silo, biochemical silo, biochemical silo, and clear water silo, how can the size be divided?Or do you want to increase or reduce positions?How big is the pump?
6. Where the tank is placed in the middle of the living room (when used as a porch), will it increase the humidity of the living room and affect the household appliances, how to exhaust the moisture (the house is on the 6th floor, and the living room has windows both north and south)?
7. Does the glass need tempered glass?
8. How many tons of water?How many fish can you raise?How to solve the problem of heating water temperature in winter?What is the best glass glue cylinder?Brand model of glue?How to solve the problem of sterilization?Use ultra-clear glass on three sides and other common glass. All the right angles in the main cylinder are pasted with 80-100mm acrylic triangle bars (solid).Add water (the roof has a 5 ton stainless steel trapped water tank with filtration to meet drinking water standards). What is the approximate cost?
The first time to make a cylinder, I want to get it in one step, not whimsically, the ground cylinder sinks 15 cm in the living room (expected to add a total height of 1.2 meters), dont worry about the bearing problem, the bearing beam is specially designed for the placement of the cylinder (the private house is under construction), many great gods, how much advice do you have?Many thanks!
I found it on the first picture online. The bottom row has a flying saucer design. Which position is suitable for the bottom row to my fish tank?The second picture is a sketch drawn by myself. From the top view, there are several options for the design position of the bottom row. 1+2, 1, 2+3, 3, which position is better?What is the size of each bin in the side leakage?
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