Asian Arowana New fish isolation Im serious



asian arowana New fish isolation Im serious

Long time no new fish into the National Day period could not help the two racquet.Into the new fish is no doubt there is a big risk, I believe that many hobbyists have experienced the old and new fish cross infection, I just started to raise koi in 13 years, when there is such a painful lesson, knowing that there will be mixed with fish the risk that the neighbors of fish a year has been raised, it should not be a problem, a fishing pond directly from the other two small fish into its own fish pond, the result of the entire pool of nine old fish only a (currently still possessor) ; Another neighbor also fishing for a few, finally died more than 20, very profound lesson.Of course, there are some character outbreak of aquarists repeatedly into new fish is not isolated, and finally has nothing to do, this I do not give their assessment, but safe right now, a little more cautious or should.
Isolation of new fish, I mainly take two steps below to explore with you what I hope for some new aquarists helpful.
Asian Arowana New fish isolation Im serious Indonesian Tiger ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The1sheet
Asian Arowana New fish isolation Im serious Indonesian Tiger ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The2sheet
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@live aquarists say: yesterday for a pre-closing of an old fish tank, today found two fins have congestive heart inflammation.It seems the usual caution is still necessary, if the new fish directly under the pool, can be in trouble now.Under the two furazolidone, then observe it.
Han Song aquarists said: entertainment seems to have seen
Water curtain 999 fish lovers say: terrible cross-infection
Nu Xing Yue flying fish lovers say: good fish!
Jay weixin021 aquarists say: The safest way, the original water isolation new fish, new fish no problem amassing a fishing pond with fish holding culture together with new fish isolated.I like this operation.Ensure that all right.
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