I just want to know if this is half



I just want to know if this is half

I just want to know if this is half Indonesian Tiger

  I bought it in Yongsheng, special price 1980, tell me it is blood red dragon, I dont understand========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  Yulong Museum Director Yu You said: No. Bag
Blue Gold Arhat Yuyou said: Steam it, half size
r4My443Y Yuyou said: Whoever buys the pits of Yongsheng and Yucheng
In the past ten years, Yuyou said:
Crazy dragon fish Yuyu said: After this three finsPersonally think it is half-size.
Xueyu Yuyou said: The red dragon is a red dragon.Singapore Red Dragon.Not half.Its the kind that is almost worse than Indonesias hair color.Dont blame what you said wrong.
rik244 Yuyou said: a little strange
Wandering qq Yuyou said: Yu Xiao cant see clearly, the possibility of picking up leaks is small
The left hand pqOWa Yuyou said: This is Yongsheng Arowana, if this one is bad, will it affect the reputation
La La La La Lu Yu Yu said: White lips are half size,
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What exactly do the arowanas in the fish farm feed
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Four dragon fish farms:
Dragon fish Summit Forum Oriental red fish farm#
Red arowana in Xianglong fish farm,
2016 Great Wall Cup dragon fish farm?
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