Feeling out of

Feeling out of Rosewood (solid wood) Aquarium
Fish for three years, and last year boasted that keep a good friend can not hack it, want to raise the dead is difficult, and the results last month, four successive gold phoenix death.Inexplicable deaths, suspected to have been killed, but polyculture year, has also, do you love the big dragon fight?It confused a little lost, had wanted to go in a double-cylinder, but also because this gave up, feeling fish long way to go before they walk in the door, a long way, and the party of their peers, fish is not easy, and the line and cherished.Encourage each bar.
======== Xianglong aquarium hobbyists how alliances comment =====
Beijing Ning aquarists old said: Harmony is like!
During the day star fish lovers say: You can keep a single good fish
Strawberry Statement is now very nice!
Friends say qq wandering fish: fish life
The density of fish aquarists say: good-looking
Ma Ying-jeou said Yang dragon fish Friends: Red Dragon ah, into a number of
Chili Anchovy Encyclopedia$
Chili Phoenix Crown Life#
The difference between saury and chili anchovy%
What is the difference between Guandao and Yuanbao Phoenix?~
What kind of fish is Chili Fengguan!


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