Add lights

Add lights Rosewood (solid wood) Aquarium

  It looks very comfortable, hope not to lose sight========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  Rivers and lakes Bai Xiaosheng Yuyou said: Heys rhythm
Xiaoyaoyouyu said: Is this still comfortable?
Lettuce fungus said: to rhythm
╰ーThe childs heart is not cleared
Change virginity Yuyou said: Hair salon lights are scary
Yulonghui solid wood steel wooden fish tank If there is this kind of lamp along the street, I would think it was issued?
anson2014 Yuyou said: This lamp looks too fake
Guangjin Supermarket Yuyou said: This kind of light is suitable for small night lights.
TB Indonesian Little Red Dragon Yuyu said: beautiful
Jiangnan prodigal fish friend said: colorful lights are not suitable for arowana
Does Arowana eat fish feed?%
Arowana feed training(
Arowana always eats pellet feed, okay?#
Qianhu Aoshen Arowana Feed:
Live fish feed fish arowana do not eat"
What to do if Jinlong do not eat Jinlong fish feed*
Arowana feed 6^
What are the benefits of arowana feed~


help!!! my arowana tail starting to turn

What choice of CO2female arowana for sal

Henlei Stingrays (Females x2 10-11 inch)

Jdiamond stingrayumbo Superworm (TORONTO

tiger fishSuper Red Arowana and Stingray




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