Can the tail be cut from the long?



Can the tail be cut from the long?

:べ.Zhen Comments: Look at luck

  m8o8o8o Comment: Surgery, add waves, should be okay

  I had a tail cut when I was a kid, and I still dont have longevity. Can I cut it and grow it again?Please help me refer to it.

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  Partial mouth fish comment: good

  Aman qq comment: yes

  Learn from the Great God Comment: Yes, but its unhappy

  Black silent comment: This looks like a curly guy, cut it

  a277469421 Comment: Luck and luck

  Clean the dust with the wind Comments: This is a skill to be able to do it, if you get it right, you can recover

  :べ.Zhen Comments: Look at luck

  Wang Laoji 002 Comment: Look at luck
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