New Mitra Red 12-13 inches at C328 soon



New Mitra Red 12-13 inches at C328 soon

Dear all,
The newly arrived Citra Red 11-12 inches, like its predecessors, had been sold in just one day ! So taking its place will be a gorgeous Mitra Red, 12-13 inches at only S$1280 each. Admire its solid colour development and huge, yes, HUGE 3 back fins.
We will announce its arrival date soon. Looking forward to your support once again. Thanks!
Mrs Goh
Dear all,
Just got a call from Mrs Toh, the latest new Citra Red has just been collected and we would be sending the new Mitra Red, more likely to be 13-14 inches (just measured) instead of a mere 12-13 inches as mentioned earlier. See to believe this beauty but most importantly, at a real good price of S$1,280.
Many thanks to all supporters!
Mrs Goh
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