Updated My Blood Red Arowana today

Updated My Blood Red Arowana todayUpdated My Blood Red Arowana today]This is my blood red arowana, I bought my arowana on Dec 2009。 That was almost 2years old , i buy it from xeng leng shah alam。 Now the fish in the aquarium 5x2x2,super red arowana for sale in singapore My Arowana fish eat crickets, worms and small fish, sometimes eat frogs。 Fish was about 18-19
until now I still use tanning lamps to increase the collour arowana 。 every morning from 7am until 5pm i will switch on my TFT lamp 40W and after 5pm to 9 pm I will switch on TFT lamp 30w, lastly at 9pm until the morning I will switch on shanda tanning lamp 24k。 24 hours without leaving the lights。
I will be updated from time to time
Updated My Blood Red Arowana today Aquaculture Forum ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The1sheetUpdated My Blood Red Arowana today Aquaculture Forum ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The2sheet
It will be good if you can take some photos using white lights instead of the TFC lights。 The pink colour effect gives an unnatural look。 With the white lights we will be able to see the real colour and give apporiate comments。
>Thank you for comment, i will take the photo as soon as possible。 I will post when it ready。
>ok i take vedio my first vedio i used shanda 24k white lamp
>TFC lights pink colour
>Nice red。 The DE was after tanning or before tanning?
>Hi bro with regards to your tanning lights for your red is not really white light。
If talking abt white tanning light tubes will be like arcadia reptile D3 or D3+,; Sera Bluesky tubes。 The tube you are using is still considered pink to me。 I am not sure how effective the tube is as i have not used it before。 The 3 type of tubes i have mentioned above, has been used by myself with great effects。 I can see that there is still room for improvements for your red。 I am very sure if you off your lights and turn on white light, your red will be orangy at best。 Apologise for being frank。 Please do not take offence。
>nice red aro。。。
i tend to agree with MOD 204 abt ur aros colour with regards to the lights used 。。。。
BUT。。 for me, TFC pink tubes are best suited for reds 。。。 hehehee。。。
>Red development by pigmentation dots。。。thick frame red。。。one of my fave kind of reds。。。 under white light maybe deep orange。。。but all in all a good quality red。。。Thanks for sharing
>Thanks for the great words。。。。 thanks for viewing。。。 I will updated the latest developments
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