Plants tied to driftwood at LFS safe?

Hi, I like to check if it is safe to purchase plants that are already tie to driftwood sold in LFS safe to purchase and directly place in my tank?
Because I read through many web page says that new driftwood need to be treated like boiling or bleach。。。
But if I buy driftwood that plants had already tie on it, how to treat it? they plants will sure die。
Initially only wanting to buy driftwood but when shopping around LFS, saw quite a few with plants tied on so thinking that it will look nicer that way。 But after going through the web。。。 most ppl say that driftwood need to be treated。。。
First time wanting purchase driftwood/ driftwood with plants so not sure how to make it aquarium safe。
Where did you read the info from? This usually refers to driftwood that is collected raw and from the wild that may contain bugs,Goldend Arowana harmful minerals, etc。
Those with plants are ready for use。 Those without plants, can rinse them or soaked it in water for a few days, and ready to use。
>If you are keeping shrimps then is more worry as bug or snail can be hidding inside the plant or DW。 So need to rinse and quarantine your plant if worry。
>I usually soak with my tank water for few hours, wash off the dirt etc before putting in。。。。 Rinse and soaking before put in is always better。 Thats my 2 cents worth。Plants tied to driftwood at LFS safe?

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