Fish rubs against tank surface

Fish rubs against tank surfaceFish rubs against tank surfaceHi,
My small arowana fish seems to rub itself against tank once, now earlier the gold fish also used to do so and many suggested this may be due to bad water, i changed the water just this sunday, shouldi be worried about this and what could be the cause 。。。kindly guide 。。

What type of rubbing ?
Body/back or the jaws ?
>Loner - i saw just once, it was trying to rub near gills 。。。
>U worry too much。。。。。。。。。 btw,big factory in malaysia pls take note if the fish Keep rubbing its body or back against any surface in the tank。
Could be body itchy and need a scratch。
>Loner - thanks i will let you know 。。。
>Bro u can add salt。 U added salt and my aro stop rubbing its body
>Spades - yes i will get some salt and add it , i think it will take care of fungus like stuff as well。。 thanks!

Fish rubs against tank surface AROWANA Forum

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