Woman jailed 12 weeks for attacking doct

An administrative assistant was jailed for 12 weeks on Wednesday for assaulting a doctor who did not give her younger sister a medical certificate (MC)。
Nurhayati Shedek, 23, pleaded guilty to slapping the hand of Dr Yeo Chye Luan, 64,Woman jailed 12 weeks for attacking doctor at Tampines Polyclinic grabbing her neck from behind as well as pushing her head down towards a table。
The attack took place in a consultation room at Tampines Polyclinic at Tampines Street 41 on Aug 27 last year。
Deputy Public Prosecutor Selene Yap said Nurhayati and her sister

Likely a case of playing truant, so faint sickness and reported sick to get MC lor。 A common sight in Jr polyclinic and usually in group of 2-4 students。。。 haiz。
>Probably pms。list of product in malaysia

Woman jailed 12 weeks for attacking doct Aquaculture Forum

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