My simple 4ft tank setupmalaysia berhad

Juz sharing。。。 especially the big dw which is a gd find at the void deck。。。。 Gonna change project soon, and will release all the livestocks (15";pb, 6,arothron meleagris 8-9"; IT x3,My simple 4ft tank setupmalaysia berhad company list 7";bp,My simple 4ft tank setupmalaysia berhad company listmalaysia berhad company list 13"; catfish, 10"; silver aro) all into CG lake this weekend。。。。
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Decided to decomm and use the 4x2x2。5ft tank with in-built OHF and DIY low profile 15"; solid wooden rack as storage for misc items。 Intend to keep juz a newly setup 2ft tank。。。。
Attachment 5083
>More pics of the 4 footer before it shuts down for good。。。。
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