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   Gold Harvest at Panda Aquatic Centre Pte Ltd                  

On any other day, I would have baulked at the idea of waking up early to drive a considerable distance with the sun all over me! However, today is different because I have been looking forward to greeting the morning! You see, today is one of those rare occasions where I can witness the harvesting of arowanas and the prospect of being there, certainly thrills me!

I arrived exactly on time at 9am sharp at Panda Aquatic Centre. I was soon joined by Mr. Kan and and his associate, Mr Pongsaran Pongpaspaisarn from Panda Arowana (Thailand) Co. Ltd. Keith, our videographer arrived soon after. Also present to witness the harvesting was the representative, Mr Nah, from AVA (Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore).

A panaromic view of Panda Aquatics

Everyone could tell it was going to be a wonderful day. The air was fresh, birds were chirping and the skies were clear. Everything looked pristine and green, in total contrast to the murky water in the ponds after a day of heavy downpour the day before.

Today, I am fortunate to witness the harvesting of the famed Panda Gold Arowanas.


Let the Harvest Begin


Mr Nah from AVA and Mr Kan of Panda Aquatics


Workers wading slowly through the chest deep waters to guide the arowanas into the specially designed net


The workers carefully ensuring that none of the arowanas were able to escape. Every arowana in the pond must be checked for eggs or fries.


Hauling the net partially out of the pond


Special bamboo sticks were strategicly placed to form a barricade to prevent the arrowanas from leaping over the net. So far, this is only the easy part. Now, let the games begin!


Each and every arowana has to be carefully inspected to check for eggs or fries in the mouth. Usually, it is the male that will brood with the eggs in their mouth. There are cases in which the female carry the eggs too. The arowanas are then harvested by gently prying open their mouths to remove the eggs or fries.

Gloves are usually worn to protect the hands when harvesting as arowanas can pack quite a bite if you try to place your fingers in their mouths. Furthermore, gloves provide better grip when handling the adult arowanas.
All the fries were immediately transferred to the Panda Aquatics nursery to be cared for. Taking care of these fries is a painstaking affair because these fries are still small and they need special attention. Water must also be kept clean at all times.

Catching and inspecting all the arowanas in the pond


Excellent 5th level & gold shine with strong blue base Panda Gold Arowana


Gently prying open the mouth to remove the fries. An electronic scanner is also used to scan the tag number of the parent fish.


Striking Gold, Panda Gold


Each scoop is worth thousands!

Mr Kan shared with me that timing in harvesting is crucial as if you harvest too early, you will only get eggs and that will require special care in ensuring that these eggs hatch. This is certainly not an easy task but if you harvest too late, you might even lose the entire brood as they could have been eaten up by other arowanas when they were released from the father's mouth. Such is the dilemma faced by arowanas farmers!



Another good day in the office. Mr Nah, Mr Kan and Mr Pongpaspaisarn

Today's harvest was yet another success for Panda Arowanas as hundreds of Panda Gold arowana fries were harvested. Just for the record, Panda Aquatics has one of the highest yields in Singapore. For those who are keen to have a dabble at being an arowana farmer, all is not lost in land scarce Singapore. Panda Aquatics has a proxy farming scheme that is tailored for those who want to try it out before going big time into the gold rush.

ArowanaClub would like to thank Panda Aquatics for giving us the opportunity to witness the harvest of their Panda Gold arowanas. Our warm heartfelt thanks also goes to Mr Kan T.S for allowing ArowanaClub to do a write up for their gem collections.





                                 Harvesting Arowana fries









 The male arowana takes care of it's babys in it's mouth.

 While harvesting the arowana fries the male's mouth has to be opened gently to let the fries swim out.

 Then the young arowana's are collected and will grow up in a special "kindergarden" tank.

 They can be released in to the wild only if they are big enough not to end as fish food for other predators.







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