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The Asian Arowana  -  King of the Aquarium  
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My favorite fish is the asian arowana. I always wanted to do a website in honor of this beautiful and majestic fish. So here it is ...

In asia the arowana is also known as dragon fish. Because of it's looks and it's mystical powers.

The arowana is flying trough the water like the dragon trough the sky.

Asians believe that owning an arowana means good luck for the business and will  bring wealth and fortune.

Therefore many shopkeepers and business owners take care of an arowana in their houses.

The dragon fish is probably the most expensive aquarium fish on earth and in my opinion the most elegant too.

It's natural habitat is in southeast asia. Especially in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Arowanas like slow river streams in the jungle.

Nowadays the arowana is considered an endangered species and is a protected fish.

It is still possible to get an arowana from a arowana breeding farm, where purchase is legal.

Breeding arowana in earth ponds takes a lot of time and experience.  Want to know how to do it? Read this..

It's one of the challenges for me in the time to come. For now I breed tilapia, gourami, koi, betta, siamese fighting fish also known as betta splendens, which is quite easy to do. But fun too!

The asian arowana is the king of the aquarium and must be kept in a large aquarium, because the fish can grow up to 90 cm in length.


                                                red chilli asian arowana


             super red asian arowana


                                  malaysian arowana



     golden asian arowana


                                         chilli red asian arowana      (click arrow to play video)













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